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Plan de contingencia covid CCMM (25 de Septiembre de 2020)


Welcome to the official site of the Halls of Residence Penyafort-Montserrat and Ramon Llull of the Universitat de Barcelona

Our centers offer accommodation and full board from Monday to Sunday during the school year. Always attentive to the non-university learning, we promote activities among our students depending on their needs: sport, music, dance, theatre (stage), languages, conferences, and debates. This approach leads to both a continuous integration among our students and to tight relationships among them that last a whole lifetime.

Every year we host nearly 700 students in our centers placed among different faculties of the Universitat de Barcelona, and being our staff available 24/7

We strongly believe that the chosen accommodation where to live during the college period can make a difference: our halls of residences are a community that goes beyond time and space, a group with outstanding talent that is transgenerational, multidisciplinary and cooperative, tied with intangible links. Visit our students’ Blogs or ALUMNI section to have a taste of this spirit.

A great academic performance is a must for the admission and re-admission. We also promote the insertion to our students’ professional careers through our Alumni and mentors network, that offer internships and mentorship during their bachelor or master thesis.

Moreover, during summer time we offer our bedrooms to Barcelona’s visitors, transforming our halls of residence in accommodation that meets the needs of accommodation and meals.



Pla de contingència covid CCMM (25 setembre 2020)Pla de contingència covid CCMM (25 setembre 2020)Plan de contingencia covid CCMM (25 de Septiembre de 2020)

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