Stay in the University of Barcelona campus: experience the best study abroad programs with the Penyafort-Montserrat-LLull Residence Hall.
Situated in the city’s university district, each year we accommodate more than 600 students from all kinds, and help them with the cultural immersion, assuming responsibility for providing suitable accommodation on a full board basis. Staffed 24 hours a day, in Penyafort Hall of Residence you will find a pleasant place to be and to study, where libraries remain open throughout the night and everything is adapted to your requirements. Individual or double rooms with private bathroom or shared.

A standard room cost 880€/month and offer this facilities:
– Individual room with shared bathroom
– Canteen daily service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – Weekly cleaning service
– Concierge service 24/7
– Sport and cultural activities
– Personal attention
– Multisport court (basketball, football, tennis, volleyball) – Bar and terrace with billiards and table tennis
– Gym, grand pianos, auditorium and concert hall.

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