Are you reading these lines because you are thinking of joining our Col.legi? Let me tell you this is much more than a place to accommodate students during the University years – this is THE PLACE that will make those undergraduate years so unforgettable, full of experiences and friendships that will shape you at this early stage of the life journey.

I landed in Penyafort in 1989 coming from a small village and hungry for new horizons. “A convenient place” I thought – so close to the University, all facilities provided…But soon I realised what was that the real value of Penyafort: the people and the sharing.

Penyafort gave me the opportunity to meet so many bright young people with so diverse academic interests and to get to know their inner motivations and dreams, their fears and their challenges. We shared successes at exams and also encouraged one another when failures inevitably came, we debated about anything and everything over dinner and laught so much.

During my 5 years at Penyafort, while I pursue my Degree in Physics I got much engaged with the Penyafort community. Montse Lavado, our dear Director, had asked me to take on the Library and I made a point for it to become a central place of the Penyafort life. Yes the Penyafort became indeed my home – no matter how much the University students will invite me to their parties or my parents urged me to visit them some weekends. I grew to belong to another place and Penyafort was the perfect transition to full adulthood and postgraduate life.

So where I took it from there? In 1994 I graduated in Physics and became a management consultant for financial institutions. The quantitative and problem solving skills I learnt at University were of much relevance in the banking sector. I stayed a couple of years in Barcelona, where I met my future husband. And then we moved to Paris – where I advised banks gearing up for the introduction of the Euro currency. Then we moved to London – where I joined the City and witnessed the boom and burst of the DotCom, then we moved to and (finally!) settled in Switzerland – from there I advise private investors in international markets. The banking industry is in accelerated change: regulations, technology disruption and financial market dynamics require banks to rethink their business model. It is fascinating for those like me that have always embraced change.

I have made a long journey since the Penyafort days but when I reflect back that experience shaped me so much and the friendships are still today so dear to me.

All the best luck if you are starting the journey. Hard work, determination and no fear of change will take you a long way!!